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Ink Spout has evolved into Ink Spouts now. It is available at a new address now. We have rebooted it and It's back with lots of stuffs . :D Just go and check it out.

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Ink Spout has evolved into Ink Spouts now. It is available at a new address now. We have rebooted it and It's back with lots of stuffs . :D Just go and check it out.
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 0 comments

Got your Facebook timeline profile!!!!!!
Yes then yon know how to keep pace with time. Yet not , Don't worry, get your Facebook timeline profile here and click on "Get it now".
If you are lazy enough to do that then don't worry ,  Facebook will do that for you on 22th of December. ;-)

Welcome Page of Facebook Timeline
This is how your profile will look like..

So in this post i am trying to show few points of Timeline feature of profile.
You can actually turn your profile into your autobiography as in Facebook Timeline , you can share your all lifetime events(since birth), your photos, stories and all other experience that reflects your life.

You can add any information of your life whether it be your first school or the day you met with your first crush or the day you got  first in any competition at that particular time. Isn't it cool!!!!
If you have added your family members in your Facebook profile then they will also be shown in your Timeline .

So you can easily conclude that a well-managed and informative timeline is not less than an Autobiography (But Obviously You're not going to get Booker for that ;-))
Life Till Now in Facebook Timeline

So what are you waiting for?
Just gear up with a mug of Tea/Coffee and Create your Autobiography using Facebook Timeline with intuitive and Well-descriptive photo rich features.

Have A Great Autobiography!!!!  :-)

P.S.- If you find this article interesting, share this with your friends and Let me know how much you liked it by commenting below.
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Saturday, December 10, 2011 0 comments

Started your system and now sitting before your system and waiting for loading its services and applications (in simple language taking too long to start) takes little longer and it irritates too when you want to do your work quickly.
Sounds similar…
It occurs when you have installed application and softwares in a large number and these application makes their places in windows startup list.
Obviously too many applications in startup, too much time to boot completely.
Here is a way to get rid off from this problem and it requires not any software.

Step 1 : Press Win+R key and Run window will appear. Type “msconfig” without quotes and hit OK.

Step 2 : Go to startup tab and uncheck irrelevant and unnecessary applications from here.

Step 3 : Now simply click Apply,OK and new dialogue Box will open with two options.
“Restart” and “Exit without restart”
choose as per your wish. And now you are done.

Enjoy your system with better performance. :D

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Saturday, December 3, 2011 29 comments

MicroMax Datacard tweak

Well, Cellphones have become old names for using internet on PC.
Most of the Folks use DataCards for surfing,browsing,downloading content (and whatsoever many things) and among these datacards most common name is MicroMax Datacard.
I also use MicroMax MMX352G 3G USB Manager(simply the datacard) for my internet needs.
The problem with this datacard is the annoying and irritating site (so called Micromax : Landing page) which opens all of a sudden in a new tab or window.
Here is the way to change that site and you can change it to your favorite site like Google,Facebook or yahoo etc.

  • First of all locate your data-card's installation folder (in Window 7 it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\MMX352G 3G USB Manager").

  • In that folder locate the UsbModem configuration settings file (which might be with another name depending on your model).

  • Now Right Click on that file and choose edit option, A notepad will open something like below. Look for the HomePage and change the URL/ address according to your wish. (I've changed it already which was "").

Now save and close this file. You have got rid off from that annoying page.
Enjoy your surfing(net surfing :D).

Before doing this procedure close datacard application and  exit from it in notification area also.

Video Tutorial

Let me know if you like this article. :) (obviously by commenting ;))
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Friday, November 18, 2011 0 comments

This seems strange when geeky programmers and coders move their body in a hip-hop style of dance but at the same time, they also make us feel that Programmers can Dance Sala.... .
Well, we are here talking about a rap music video made for JavaOne 2011 (an annual conference organized by Oracle Inc. for the JAVA programmers and developers) in which all are enjoying and celebrating their "Java Life".

Here Java Programmers meet Street Hip-Hop so enjoy the show.

Dedicated to the developer homies everywhere who code hard day and night and all other Java Lovers.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011 3 comments

TCS Recruitment Process : An Unimaginable  Experience
This all began with an announcement in a special lecture by Mr. Mayank Aggarwal, our Placement Officer.
On 3rd of August, We were told about the TCS campus placement drive on 1st of september.
All of us were in a state of shock and this news just electirfied us because it was unusual for this college as Companies used to visit here in even semester.
Well, there was a new wave of excitement and zeal for TCS campus drive.
All eligible candidates commenced their preparation for the same.
Anyways,D-day had arrived and everybody was ready for his first placement challenge with his C.V. and all his documents.There were total 129 students eligible for this campus drive(including MCA students).
There were three stages of this very first battle for our future in corporate world.
·        Online Aptitude Touchstone Examination (let's say written as usual).
·        Technical Interview
·        HR Interview
finally it started with aptitude paper and we headed towards Computer Lab which had been set up for TCS TouchStone Examination.There were 35 questions to solve within time limit of 80 minutes.
The paper had a good level of difficulty and comprised of simple as well as tricky and mindpuzzling questions.Out of 129 students, 109 students faced the written exam (as top 5 students were called for direct interview.). 49 students cleared the written apptitude examination.
Special and terrifying incident with me
When all of us were sitting in Seminar Hall and waiting for our Apptitude Examination result, Our TPO came and began to call the names of the students who qualified first round.After he had finished calling the names, i realized that my name was not there in the list. As my written was quite good, i was pretty sure about qualifying this exam.But after finding my name not in the list, i was shocked, i was just feeling like a feather swinging in the air without any destination {it's strange to think like this}.I was just about to leave for my Room.
But MY FRIENDS stopped me and said me to confirm it once more.I decided to do same. But before i could do anything,our another faculty came and he confirmed the names of the selected candidates again and to my immense pleasure and surprise, there was my name in list of qualified candidates{a ton of thanks to Almighty}.
I just looked upwards thanking god and took a deep breath.
I think the happiness felt at this time was quite higher than that of after name of final list of placed students.

Anyways, Let's move ahead.
After clearing aptitude exam, now the next phase was Technical Interview. But now i was pretty confident for this and just briefing my project in my mind. But i couldn't get enough time to do that and was called for T.R.
I collected all my documents and a copy of my C.V. and presented myself before the interviewer and how was the interview is here below :
**********************************Technical Interview*********************************
Me : Good afternoon sir "with a smile" (keep in mind what the time is.).
Int : Hello. Please sit.
Me : Thank you sir.
Int : Okay, Mr. Kuldeep, brief me about yourself.
Me : I told him about myself,a li'l bit info of my family,then switched to my project which i developed using JAVA.
Int : (Interrupting me while telling about project) okay kuldeep, we'll talk about it later. first tell me what fantom deadlock is.
Me : Sorry sir, I know about deadlock but don't know about fantom deadlock.
Int  : can you write a C program to identify if a number is prime or not?
Me : I wrote it and examined once.
Int : Okay.. so which language do you know?
Me : sir, I fond of Java. I like to program in java and except java , i also code in C andC++ language.
Int : Okay, there is something like final,finally. what are they?
Me : I explained him final,finally,finalise keyterms.
Int : so which subject do you like most?
Me : Sir, It's Java.
Int : Okay, still you have another subjects like OS,networks etc.
Me : Sir, I also like Operating system.
Int : Okay, so u know what semaphore is?
Me : I explained Semaphores.
Int : (Viewing on my application form) you have secured above 80% in school but here in B.Tech. you have 72%. why is it so?
Me : Then i explained the reason which is being a student of Hindi medium till 12th class. (Interviewer looked satisfied)
Int : so,you have said that you know C++ also. Tell me the differnce between late binding and early binding.
Me : Explained.
Int : Explain the concept of polymorphism.
Me: Told.
Int : okay so why do you want to make your career in computer field?
Me : I explained him that i love to work with computers and troubleshoot them.I gave him an example of fixing my friends laptop which had a problem due to video codec.
Int : Good, That seems nice.
Me : Thank you sir.
Int : Have you any queries? (Never hesitate to ask questions because it'll show your interest in the organization.)
Me : I asked him the questions about their Model Driven Development software .
he explained something about it.
Me : I then asked him about Jensor
he somehow explained it as it was not concerned with his field.
Int : any more question?
Me : No sir.
Int : Okay kuldeep, Nice to meet you. You can leave.
Me : Thank you sir. same here. Have a nice day(with a smile : ) ).

After returning from Technical Interview, I was feeling quite good and after sitting a few minutes in seminar hall , i immediately got a call for HR interview. I was amazed and thrilled as i was the very first candidate to face the HR interviewer from my year.
I prepared myself for the same and entered into the HR room.
Both of the HR interviewers were almost young.
I wished them good afternoon with a smile and they offered seat to make me comfortable.
HR : So Kuldeep,How was your day?
Me : (With a pleasant and smiling face) told'em that it was great as i cleared Written and Technical round. and now i am here for my HR interview so it feels quite good. :)
HR : Ok. tell me about your family background?
Me : Told him about my family and hometown.
HR : Okay tell me something famous of your hometown.
Me : told him about Ranthambhore Fort and national park.
HR : tell neighbour districts and rivers of your hometown.
Me : Told (as i remembered it was taught to us in 5th class)
HR : (Impressed) Good. Okay. who big personalities visited ranthambhore?
Me : Mukesh Ambani (i told) and a few names also.
HR : do you know which american president came here?
Me : NO sir, I don't know.
HR : he was Bill clinton. Don't you remember?
Me : Yes Sir, at that time i was small so i don't remember(i said smiling).
{they also smiled}
HR : Okay kuldeep,tell us why you want to be a part of IT/computer field.
Me : I again gave same example (given in Technical round) and one more of fixing a DVD writer issue by tweaking Windows registry.
HR : (applauded me). perfect.. good work.
Me : Thank you sir.
"" Then he didn't ask me any question and told me that i could be placed anywhere in india and there would be a bond of two years""
I replied in affirmative (with a little feeling of getting placed in TCS :)).
HR : okay kuldeep, nice meeting you. Best of luck. you may leave.
Me : Thank you sir.Have a nice day.(passed a smile)
I left my seat and returned to seminar hall with a win-win feeling as both TR and HR round went superb.
Finally after waiting 5 hours, the list of placed candidates was in our TPO's hand. He called the names of qualified students and my name was called in the last. Amazingly all my room-mates also got placed in TCS.

Overall 42 students were selected out of 69 (49 + 20 toppers) students.
Well, this was the whole experience of mine which i got during TCS campus drive.
Best of luck to all of you.
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Sunday, September 4, 2011 0 comments

I’ve come up with some interesting stuffs for you techies. Almost everyone knows about internet. As soon as we hear or think about Internet the first picture which come into our mind is about chatting, gaming and movies downloading. But this is not all what the internet does for you and I am not also going to tell you these sort of things (Because you already know it).
In the four year life of engineering studies, student dreams of many things like to be a hard end programmer or electronic circuit and hardware developer or a researcher. The text books provided to us (sometimes they lack in numbers) are not enough to meet one’s such ambitions. That’s why in this issue I have tried to introduce such stuffs which will really help you if you are serious towards your goal.
The basic use which we do is simply search in Google or any other search engine to find stuffs related to study.
Further advancing….. (This includes all students both who just need an Engineering degree and those want to be engineers.)
1.       Apart from the PPTs and PDFs found on web, another interesting thing is OCW (open course ware) by MIT (Massachusetts institute) which offers almost everything which in our syllabus and more.
2.       One more interesting thing I recently came to know is NPTEL (National Programme on Technology enhanced skills). Just Google it and there you go.
3.       Google Scholar & Books: A dedicated search engine especially for papers on any topic and books in digital format.
4.       Scribd : yet another powerful site for reading /downloading books of any section.
5. : You can find any-any Ebook here. Simply Just type the name of the book and books will be there with various download links at different file hosting sites.
6.       Science Direct : Most Important site for all third and fourth year students. The largest collection of all patented papers and other useful stuff.
7. is a very good website for all type of video lectures from different universities. You can download them easily.
Well, the world of information is not so much limited. Although I tried my best to collect relevant information, this is not the end.
Just Google and Goole……
                                                                                                          ------- Kuldeep Singh Rathore
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Friday, August 26, 2011 0 comments

Here is my Techtic#2: How to create your own Themepack  and share with friends in Windows 7

Step 1 : Select all pictures of which you want to create themepack.......
Step 2 : Right click on selected pictures(holding ctrl key for multiple pictures) and select set as desktop background option.
Step 3 : Now go on desktop and Simply Click right button and choose personlise
Step 4 : You will see a thumbnail type of your selected pictures.Now right click on it and choose option "Save theme for sharing" and save this themepack file where you wish.
Step 5 : Now this is done. Share your created themepack with your friends.

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1. first of all download tc into a folder named as turbo in c drive
2. download dosbox, install and run it.
Now do as following in dosbox window -----
(FIRST line)type "mount d c:\turbo"
(SECOND line)type "d:"
(THIRD line)type "cd tc"
(FORTH line)type "cd bin"
(FIFTH line)type "tc"
3. go to all programs to dosbox to option to edit configuration
click on that then an notepad will open
type the following without quotes.
"mount d c:\turbo
cd tc
cd bin
and save the notepad.
4. now simply run dosbox and u will see blue screen C.
press alt+enter for full screen.

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