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Ink Spout has evolved into Ink Spouts now. It is available at a new address now. We have rebooted it and It's back with lots of stuffs . :D Just go and check it out.

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Ink Spout has evolved into Ink Spouts now. It is available at a new address now. We have rebooted it and It's back with lots of stuffs . :D Just go and check it out.
Friday, September 7, 2012 5 comments

In one of my posts, I talked about how to solve IDM(Internet Download Manager :D ) video playback problem using an extension but that was restricted to Chrome browser. One of our readers asked the solution for Mozilla Firefox so in this post we are covering that problem.

So Here we go. We’ll do that job by installing a userscript userscript (don’t bother about that term ;-) we’re here for that) into Firefox. Just follow the given steps and you can see your problem packing its bags and leaving away. ;-)

To Start with, firstly Install GreaseMonkey (a Firefox add-on). You can find it here. After installing it, You need to restart your browser.

Now next task is to install the userscript. So follow this link and click the button “Install ”on top-right side of page as shown in image below.

When you’ll click on that, it triggers Greasemonkey to pop up the script installation panel. Greasemonkey shows you a list of what sites the script will run on and ask if you want to install the script.

Now it’ll be installed and all your work in done now.

To save a video to your computer…

…click the Download button. A list of available downloads is displayed, sorted from best to worst quality. To save one, simply click on it or right-click and choose Save Link As.... Most computers can play the MP4 format files on the list, but formats like WebM and FLV are also provided for advanced users.

Now just go to Youtube . Watch and save whatever you ever wanted by your Firefox and IDM.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012 3 comments

Guest Post by Jason  

While you are online, your CPU has a sole identifying IP address just like your residence or workplace address, alerting everybody to whom you are and where you are situated. When you shop online or post emails, your IP is linked with that movement, and it recognizes you in person. Identity thieves and hackers may smash into your computer, check your action, and take your identity or other private information.

Ways to Hide your Internet Service Provider Address (ISP) 


Frequent Internet proxy servers proffer nameless Web browsing ability. Accessing Web sites via these proxies conceal your communal IP address from Web servers, helping to defend your individuality online.  As an option, some persons install particular programs on their computers that as well can conceal their IP address and previous identifying information during the restricted software instead of relying on an exterior server.

     Employ a liberated proxy server to bury your IP address. Proxy servers forward the way that you top by masking your IP address with a fresh one. This method, if persons are trying to path you using the showed IP address, they will hit a barricade once they arrive at the address of the proxy server.
     Surf by means of an add-on proxy. These are rather common with the Chrome and Mozilla browsers. Once in place, an add-on proxy will chunk websites that are trying to notice your IP address. This method, you can stay nameless. You can as well visit sites anywhere your unique IP address has been barred.
     ISPs act as gateways to the Internet, every one of your traffic passing through their routers on the Internet. The provider can just create their kit fall all traffic to- and from the IP addresses that are to be blocked-up. This goes fairly a bit further than straightforward DNS blackouts and the means outlined on top of will perform nothing to assist the situation. What's still inferior is that there might be previous sites at a given IP address and those would be blocked as well.
     It is vital that you do not mistreatment your online secrecy. There are laws in place that are intended to put on trial persons who are culpable of cyber crimes such as cyber attacks, individuality thefts or hacks. Surf sensibly.

The aptitude to conceal an IP address boosts your solitude on the Internet. Other looms to improving Internet solitude also survive and balance each other just like how the Broadband Expert Internet service systemize. Managing Web browser cookies, using encryption when sending personal information, running a firewall and other techniques all donate toward a better feeling of security and safety when arriving online.

About the Guest Author This article was contributed by Jashon Wills.He is an expert of technologies around the globe. He's also an expert on Verizon’s innovation and impacts within the society. Follow him on Twitter at Jashon Wills
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