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Ink Spout has evolved into Ink Spouts now. It is available at a new address now. We have rebooted it and It's back with lots of stuffs . :D Just go and check it out.

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Ink Spout has evolved into Ink Spouts now. It is available at a new address now. We have rebooted it and It's back with lots of stuffs . :D Just go and check it out.
Tuesday, December 20, 2011 0 comments

Got your Facebook timeline profile!!!!!!
Yes then yon know how to keep pace with time. Yet not , Don't worry, get your Facebook timeline profile here and click on "Get it now".
If you are lazy enough to do that then don't worry ,  Facebook will do that for you on 22th of December. ;-)

Welcome Page of Facebook Timeline
This is how your profile will look like..

So in this post i am trying to show few points of Timeline feature of profile.
You can actually turn your profile into your autobiography as in Facebook Timeline , you can share your all lifetime events(since birth), your photos, stories and all other experience that reflects your life.

You can add any information of your life whether it be your first school or the day you met with your first crush or the day you got  first in any competition at that particular time. Isn't it cool!!!!
If you have added your family members in your Facebook profile then they will also be shown in your Timeline .

So you can easily conclude that a well-managed and informative timeline is not less than an Autobiography (But Obviously You're not going to get Booker for that ;-))
Life Till Now in Facebook Timeline

So what are you waiting for?
Just gear up with a mug of Tea/Coffee and Create your Autobiography using Facebook Timeline with intuitive and Well-descriptive photo rich features.

Have A Great Autobiography!!!!  :-)

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Saturday, December 10, 2011 0 comments

Started your system and now sitting before your system and waiting for loading its services and applications (in simple language taking too long to start) takes little longer and it irritates too when you want to do your work quickly.
Sounds similar…
It occurs when you have installed application and softwares in a large number and these application makes their places in windows startup list.
Obviously too many applications in startup, too much time to boot completely.
Here is a way to get rid off from this problem and it requires not any software.

Step 1 : Press Win+R key and Run window will appear. Type “msconfig” without quotes and hit OK.

Step 2 : Go to startup tab and uncheck irrelevant and unnecessary applications from here.

Step 3 : Now simply click Apply,OK and new dialogue Box will open with two options.
“Restart” and “Exit without restart”
choose as per your wish. And now you are done.

Enjoy your system with better performance. :D

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Saturday, December 3, 2011 29 comments

MicroMax Datacard tweak

Well, Cellphones have become old names for using internet on PC.
Most of the Folks use DataCards for surfing,browsing,downloading content (and whatsoever many things) and among these datacards most common name is MicroMax Datacard.
I also use MicroMax MMX352G 3G USB Manager(simply the datacard) for my internet needs.
The problem with this datacard is the annoying and irritating site (so called Micromax : Landing page) which opens all of a sudden in a new tab or window.
Here is the way to change that site and you can change it to your favorite site like Google,Facebook or yahoo etc.

  • First of all locate your data-card's installation folder (in Window 7 it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\MMX352G 3G USB Manager").

  • In that folder locate the UsbModem configuration settings file (which might be with another name depending on your model).

  • Now Right Click on that file and choose edit option, A notepad will open something like below. Look for the HomePage and change the URL/ address according to your wish. (I've changed it already which was "").

Now save and close this file. You have got rid off from that annoying page.
Enjoy your surfing(net surfing :D).

Before doing this procedure close datacard application and  exit from it in notification area also.

Video Tutorial

Let me know if you like this article. :) (obviously by commenting ;))
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